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Rural Development


Community Programs provides grants to assist in the development of essential community facilities in rural areas and towns of up to 20,000 in population. Grants are authorized on a graduated scale. Applicants located in small communities with low populations and low incomes will receive a higher...

Award Description:The amount of grant assistance for project costs depends upon the median household income and the population in the community where the project is located and the availability of grant funds. In most instances, projects which receive grant assistance have a high priority and are highly leveraged wit...

Recent Grants

Larry R. Coffey Charitable Trust

Summary: The Larry R. Coffey Charitable Trust is interested in organizations within the following fields of interest:

  • Arts and cult...

Award Description: Awards vary based on scope and size of project. Awards are up to $100,000.
North Dakota Department of Commerce

Summary: The North Dakota Homeless Grant is a state program designed to provide financial assistance to facilities and programs within Nort...

Award Description: In FY 2016, an amount of $750,000 in state funding will be available, up to 60% or $450,000 for street outreach and shelter operat...
Digital Wish

Summary: Digital Wish believes that every child deserves a technology-rich education that will provide them with the skills necessary to ex...

Award Description: The Digital Citizenship curriculum pack includes: 
  • Edit ready worksheets 
  • Teacher Quick Lesson Guides 
  • Cer...

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