Rocky Mountain Power Foundation (Utah, Wyoming, Idaho)

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    Private Foundation

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    Rocky Mountain Power Inc


    The Rocky Mountain Power Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Rocky Mountain Power. Their mission is to support the growth and vitality of Rocky Mountain Power communities. The foundation's areas of interest include:

    • Education/STEM
    • Community enhancement
    • Environmental respect
    • Arts/Culture
    • Safety/Wellness

    History of Funding

    The foundation has given $17 million to local communities since 2017 to lend a helping hand and spur economic development.

    Additional Information

    In keeping with its mission, the Foundation will be more inclined to support projects that have the following characteristics:

    • Close alignment of the project's objectives with the Foundation's support for education; civic and community betterment; culture and arts; and health, welfare and social services.
    • A strategic, long-term orientation.
    • A clear explanation of why the proposed approach to the problem addressed by the project is superior to other options and why it is more likely to achieve desired outcomes.
    • Probability that the project will deliver high impact and sustainable benefit in terms of learning outcomes, both in communities directly served and in the project field of interest.
    • Probability that the project will attract continued support from a variety of sources, and the extent to which likely sources are identified.
    • Level of project innovation, in particular, whether it breaks new ground and uses new methods for optimizing resources.
    • Likelihood of the project developing leadership skills and capacity.
    • Potential of the project for successful replication in other settings.
    • The project applicant's record of success as an organization, and the past success of its key project personnel.
    • The overall leadership and staff talent of the applicant organization.
    • Feasibility and quality of the application proposal, and the plan in that proposal to accomplish project objectives.
    • Flexibility of the project plan to deal with possible contingencies.
    • Applicant provisions for sharing information about the project, successes and failures.
    • Project methodology for capturing and implementing lessons learned and determining project successes and failures.
    • Project provisions for self-sufficiency, including a credible independence strategy.
    • Potential of the project to create and strengthen alliances and networks of organizations working to solve the same problem.
    • Potential of the project to enhance the Foundation's expertise and its ability to knowledgeably support related efforts.
    • Opportunity for the Foundation to assume a unique supportive role.

    As a general rule, the Foundation will not support:

    • Establishment or support of endowments;
    • Coverage of operating deficits;
    • Capital campaigns; 
    • Computers, software or related items;
    • Marketing and advertising;
    • Maintenance of existing facilities;
    • Conferences, conventions and events; and
    • Projects that do not have a bearing on Pacific Power or Rocky Mountain Power's geographic service area.


    Tarie Hansen

    Tarie Hansen
    Rocky Mountain Power Foundation

    Salt Lake City, UT

    LeAnn Singleton

    LeAnn Singleton
    Rocky Mountain Power Foundation

    Salt Lake City, UT

  • Eligibility Details

    Organizations and activities eligible for Foundation support include:

    • Nonprofit groups that have 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service;
    • Educational and research institutions, both public and private, from early childhood through university level;
    • Youth organizations;
    • Cultural enrichment organizations dedicated to the performing arts, the visual arts, historic preservation, cross-cultural education and other such activities;
    • Health and human services organizations including chemical dependency treatment and prevention programs, senior citizen centers, runaway youth services and domestic violence treatment and prevention programs, safety programs, and wellness programs; and
    • Projects that have a bearing on communities that are served by Rocky Mountain Power or Pacific Power:
      • Rocky Mountain Power — Utah, Wyoming and Southeastern Idaho.
      • Pacific Power — Oregon, Central/Southeastern Washington and Northern California.
      • View service map:

    Organizations and activities not eligible for foundation support include:

    •  Organizations that discriminate against individuals on the basis of religion, race, color, sex, age, national origin or veteran status;
    •  Individuals;
    •  Political organizations, ballot measure campaigns or candidates for public office;
    •  Contributions to or memberships in chambers of commerce, service clubs, taxpayer associations and other similar bodies;
    •  Religious groups for religious purposes;
    •  Any non-charitable purpose; and/or
    •  Organizations outside the PacifiCorp service territory.

    Deadline Details

    The Foundation Board classifies and reviews grant proposals according to the nature of recipient organizations (rather than according to the purpose of each grant). All applicants should submit an application using the online grant application portal. Requests for funding should be received by the Foundation by the following submission deadlines:

    March 15 – Education/STEM

    • Electrical safety, energy efficiency education, higher education institutions, K-12, literacy and reading programs, STEM education initiatives, teacher/professional educator development, workforce development/careers and employability, and youth development.

    June 15 – Community Enhancement

    • Affordable housing, community resilience, community and recreation centers, economic development, libraries, monuments, memorials and science centers.

    June 15 – Environmental Respect

    • Animal and wildlife biodiversity; carbon and methane emissions; conservation of natural resources; environmental management systems; parks, trails and gardens; resource stewardship; waste management reduction, and water usage management.

    September 15 – Arts/Culture

    • Arts festivals, cultural heritage, museums, music, theater/drama and visual arts.

    December 15 – Safety/Wellness

    • Addiction, disability resources, disaster relief, domestic violence, first responders, food insecurity, healthcare accessibility, homeless support, mental health, public safety initiatives, veteran organizations, wellness and preventative care.

    Award Details

    Grants generally are less than $10,000 with most between $2,000 and $5,000.

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