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    State Street Foundation


    The mission of State Street Foundation, Inc.'s Strategic Grantmaking Program is to promote economic opportunity in the communities where State Street operates. They accomplish this by investing in charitable partners that drive measurable social impact by assisting disadvantaged populations in gaining the skills and educational qualifications needed to secure sustainable employment. The Foundation's primary strategic focus areas are education and workforce development.

    Organizations must contribute to the overall health and well-being of communities around the world by promoting economic self-sufficiency among disadvantaged populations across three areas: education, employment and credentials. Organizations must be able to show measurable outcomes such as:

    • Increased job placement;
    • Increased job retention;
    • Increased access to industry-recognized credential programs;
    • Increased attainment of industry-recognized credentials;
    • Increased job-readiness skills;
    • Increased employment experience;
    • Increased success in basic education.

    The Strategic Grantmaking Program considers two principal types of grants:

    Project Support Grants These grants are intended to support specific projects or programs aligned with the program's primary investment focus. These requests may include some funds earmarked for the overhead costs associated with running a project, including staff.

    General Operating Support Grants These grants are intended to provide general operating support for the core business functions of organizations whose missions and activities are highly aligned with the program's primary investment focus. These grants will often help the grantee build organizational, programmatic and fundraising capacity. Operating support is not intended to help organizations in fiscal crisis. Applicants must have a current strategic or business plan that clearly outlines the organization's goals and presents a plan for achieving results. Operating support grants must not exceed 10– 15% of an organization's total agency budget.


    History of Funding

    State Street Foundation has funded 1,629 grants to 467 organizations totaling $83,060,258 over the last five years.

    Additional Information

    Funding is not considered for:

    • Capital purposes
    • Disease-specific initiatives and/or medical research
    • Endowments
    • Political causes, candidates, organizations or campaigns
    • Organizations whose primary purpose is to influence legislation
    • Individual pursuits, including scholarships and other forms of financial aid
    • Sectarian activities for religious organizations
    • Travel for individuals or groups
    • Political, labor or fraternal organizations
    • Team sponsorships or sporting events
    • Requests made in consideration of any benefit to State Street, including an award for new business or renewal of existing business with State Street
    • Support for organizations in financial crisis
    • Requests made by a government official with decision-making authority concerning business with State Street


    Simon Zornoza

    Simon Zornoza
    One Lincoln Street
    Boston, MA 02111-2900

  • Eligibility Details

    Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations that have a track record of working with people aged 14 and over.

    Organizations must be able to show measurable outcomes through reporting, including the following metrics:

    • Organizational diversity across the dimensions of Leadership, Staff, Populations Served, and Board of Directors, and
    • Numbers and diversity of participants gaining access to basic skills that lead to lifelong success (includes high school/secondary degree or equivalent), and/or
    • Numbers and diversity of participants who are aware of, apply for, enter and complete credential programs (college, university, vocational and technical training), and/or
    • Numbers and diversity of participants who are connected with employment opportunities and retain employment over a period of one year

    Deadline Details

    Applications are accepted by invitation only. Organizations wishing to be considered for an invitation to apply may submit an expression of interest by providing some basic information through the Foundation's website. This information will be reviewed annually in Quarter 4. Only those organizations chosen to receive further consideration will be contacted by State Street Foundation, Inc.

    In Canada, Europe, and the Middle East: To begin your grant request, please complete a Preliminary Grant Application. Once you complete your application, email it to for consideration.

    In Asia Pacific: To begin your grant request, please complete a Preliminary Grant Application, accessible in English. Once you complete your application, email it to

    Award Details

    Award amounts vary. Awards are up to $1,000,000. Most awards are from $10,000 to $25,000.

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